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About Design Consign

Design was created in 2012 to provide an option in selling quality personal property.

Since 2012; we have had over 3,500 consignors. Some of which have consigned one item, and others have consigned entire households. At Design Consign we make downsizing easy. 

We have all had to face the hassle of selling items. But what about the higher value items that you are ready to part with? Design Consign was established as an option for selling your quality items. 

Design Consign has become a destination for many. We take pride in our store and it shows not only in the quality inventory, but the care we take to create a unique experience in a historical venue.

How it all began.

In 2009 Steve & Julie Foy recognized the need for an estate sale company in the Brainerd lakes area. Steve formed a team of former estate sale employees and antique dealers and began conducting sales in Brainerd and surrounding areas. Since then S. Thomas & Associates has conducted over 100 estate sales. The sales included the business liquidation of Beautiful Antiques in Pequot Lakes, MN. and large scale sales including the Konze estate which included over 50,000 items. 

In 2011 Steve and Julie Foy and son Matt Foy recognized the need for a quality consignment retail space. Design Consign was created as an upscale venue to sell quality consignment items. The Foy's, residents of brainerd for the past 36 years decided to open their store in the historic First National Bank building in the city's downtown. The Foy's spent three months restoring the building which led to exposing national history.

History in our Building

The First National bank building of Brainerd, MN. was built in 1876. The building gained national attention on October 23rd 1933 when it was held up by Lester M. Gillis aka George "Baby Face" Nelson.


Nelson from Chicago, Illinois started his criminal life at age 7. It began with stealing tires which led to home invasions and eventually bank robberies. Nelson formed his own gang with Homer Van Meter, Tommy Carroll and Eddie Green.


By October 1933 the gangsters had been in Brainerd at least 10 days before the robbery. On the morning of the robbery, they waited for the maintenance man George Fricker who had the key to the bank to come to work. They came up behind him with their pistol and forced him to open the front door of the bank. The gangsters each had three guns and held the employees hostage while they stole the money.

They fired many rounds as they made their escape. A piece of the original ceiling tile with bullet holes is on display at Design Consign. The gang was successful in getting $32,000 in cash equivalent to $716,620 in 2023.

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